VIWELL Visual Brand Guideline

VIWELL Brand Design

This is a project that is not only close to my heart but also has the ability to make a big difference in the health and wellness field.


At VIWELL, the goal was simple but bold: to make a platform for holistic wellbeing that people could use at any point in their health path. The project needed a good balance between how it looks, how good the information is, and how it works for the user.

Visual Guidelines

Creating a visual language for VIWELL wasn’t just about making it look good; it was also about making people feel confident, calm, and upbeat. From choosing color palettes that make people feel calm to deciding on easy-on-the-eye fonts, the visual rules were carefully thought out to give users an immersive experience.
VIWELL Visual Brand Guideline by Nihad Nadam

Wellbeing Content Creation

One of the most important parts of this project was making over 1000 pieces of material about health and wellness, like videos and audio clips. Each piece was made to be a source of advice and support, with the goal of giving our users more control over their own wellness journeys.

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