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About Nihad nadam Digital Arabic Calligraphy

Digital Arabic Calligraphy

Hi, my name in Nihad Nadam and Digital Arabic Calligraphy is what I’m good at and what I love to do.

In this page I will explain how I can help you get your customized Arabic Calligraphy, you will also find all forms and examples you need.

Requests I receive are: Logo Design, Names with Arabic Calligraphy, Wedding Logos, customized Arabic phrases, Arabic Calligraphy wall hanging for Hotels, Islamic Art frames and Canvas, Arabic Calligraphy Tattoos and hennah, and more.

Branding and Logo Design

Arabic Calligraphy for logos is challenging and fun, It can be classic, modern, or mix.

Sometimes we design the logo around the Arabic Calligraphy element and sometimes we add the Arabic Typography to the Latin designed logo, we do also “Arabize” English logos and create an Arabic logo that match or complement the English one.

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Watercolor effect Name Design

Names with Arabic Calligraphy and Typography is an online project I do.

You can search for your name and request to buy the HiRes JPG or the vector file at or request a new name.

There are many factors to the name design:

• The name being only first name or full name. • The Calligraphy style. • If it is on a specific shape or just the name in a nice design or  a Linear design. • The colors style. • the file format.

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Custom Arabic Wedding Logos

Looking for a Custom Arabic wedding logo? At Arabic Design, we create beautiful, unique logos that reflect your love story. Order yours today!

At Arabic Design, we specialize in crafting custom Arabic wedding logos that capture the essence of your love story. Our bespoke logos are meticulously designed, seamlessly combining the names of the bride and groom into a stunning, harmonious piece of art that symbolizes their union.

We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and we are committed to providing you with a custom Arabic wedding logo that you will love and cherish for years to come.

Custom Arabic Wedding Logos

Low-cost name Design

This is a Low-cost name design that you can order from Fiverr or from my name website

You might find your name in the name website  if not you can request it from the same website

go to the names website
اسم فلورنس بالخط العربي
اسم علياء بخط الديواني الجلي
اسم ميثه
اسم حسين بخط الاجازة Hussein name in Arabic Calligraphy

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