Hi there! I’m Nihad Nadam, a seasoned freelance Arabic graphic designer based in Dubai.

With over 23 years under my belt, I’ve built a rich tapestry of experience across creative, marketing, and product management. Fluent in both Arabic and English, I seamlessly navigate the Middle Eastern market, helping brands find their voice and thrive.

What makes me tick?

Cultural Maven: I possess an innate understanding of Arab culture, ensuring your brand resonates authentically and connects on a deeper level.

Branding Guru: From crafting compelling narratives to wielding Arabic calligraphy like a magic wand, I build brands that are both visually stunning and culturally impactful.

Proven Track Record: From launching global giants like The Dubai Mall to nurturing startups across diverse industries, I’ve got the experience and expertise to make your vision a reality.

Here’s a glimpse into my journey:

  • Owner, Arabic Design LLC (2019-Present): Bringing the beauty of Arabic art and design to life through a range of products and services.
  • Chief Creative Officer, VIWELL (2022-2023): Collaborating with the CEO to launch and shape this wellbeing brand, creating a go-to-market strategy and enriching its educational library with over 1,000 pieces of content.
  • Digital Creative Director, Fludium (2018-2021): Leading web development, crafting SEO strategies, and applying my expertise in Arabic graphic design to captivate diverse audiences.
  • Creative/Marketing Director, UAS International Trip Support (2013-2018): Developing award-winning marketing and branding strategies, driving sales growth, and mentoring teams to achieve their full potential.
  • Art Director, FP7 McCann (2000-2007): Collaborating with renowned clients like BMW and McDonald’s, and launching major projects like The Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar.

Book Cover Design

Logo Designs

Arabic Logo Design

Logo Arabization

Logo Arabization or Logo Localization is creating an Arabic version of your original logo 

You can also view my full Portfolio Or my portfolio on Behance

Beyond the design canvas:

When I’m not weaving brand magic, you’ll find me nurturing my artistic spirit, immersing myself in family time, and supporting the local creative community.

Ready to unlock your brand’s full potential?

Let’s chat! Whether you’re a global giant or a passionate startup, I’m here to be your partner in crafting a brand that speaks volumes in the heart of the Arabic world.

Remember, I’m your one-stop shop for all things freelance Arabic graphic design. Let’s create something truly remarkable together!

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